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About Ewing Rose Publishing


ER Publishing is an innovative publishing house offering tailored services to suit a myriad of publishing needs. We can work with you in a ghostwriting, editing or coaching capacity to ensure your book has the best possible chance, no matter the stage of its creation. 


Whatever shape it takes, we possess the skills to tease out the best version of your creative endeavour. Our writers work closely with all our clients in a ghostwriting capacity and in a multitude of genres, from self-help to fiction, biography to business books. Cost is competitive and turnaround fast. We also offer editing or inspirational coaching for those needing less support and more encouragement, all to produce a book to make you proud. Whether it’s the retelling of an eventful life or an entrepreneur wishing to impart wisdom, we have the writer at ER Publishing to fit your needs.


And it doesn’t end with a finished book; we also offer a turnkey publishing service working alongside an award-winning cover designer with additional ebooks and audible versions, as well as onward marketing and guidance for book launches. Start your writing journey today. If you wish to leave a mark on this world, there is no better way than with a book.


At ER Publishing we are passionate about books and driven by our mission to help people realise their publishing dreams. If we love your idea, we’ll publish your work via the traditional publishing model at no cost to the author. If we like it but don’t love it, we’ll split the costs, and if we aren’t overly confident but would like to assist you in your mission, the cost rests with you, the client. 


In addition, our qualified ghostwriters can work with you in a ghostwriting or coaching capacity to improve the quality of your work and this can happen at any stage, so please visit the Ghostwriting Services page to see our package price list or reach out on our contact page for further information. We’re here to be of service in any way we can, be it fiction - adult’s or children’s, short or long non-fiction; business, biography/ memoir, self-help or essays, we have ghostwriters to suit your individual needs. 

Our unique Ghostwriting is unlike any other. Our specialist ghostwriters work with you to bring to life your literary vision. Explore our Ghostwriting Packages to find the best solution to suit your needs. 

The modern world of publishing is ruthless. Too many incredible authors fall through the cracks due to lack of opportunity. At ER Publishing we do things differently by providing you with the support and expertise necessary to share your writing with the world. Explore our Coaching Packages to find the best solution to suit your needs.

Have you written a book but it is still in need of some fine tuning? Our editing and proofreading services will ensure that your words are tweaked to perfection. Explore our Editing and Proofreading Packages to find the best solution to suits your needs. 


"Working with Kate Rose was an absolute pleasure.  She has such a personal touch to her professional service. She has a true gift that enables her to work simultaneously alongside you to draw out, interpret and translate the essence of your writing objectives."



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