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Book Samples

Just a few examples of our clients' amazing published books 

Forever Within Me: The Mother Who Taught Me How To Be A Man

A Memoir By Danny Brown

In his mother’s memoir, Danny Brown depicts a strong Jamaican woman, single-handedly raising five children in southeast London. This very honest account describes Brown’s childhood of disobedience, during which his mother never sways from setting him on the right path.

Gina the Gymnast, the Cat, the Dog, the Dragon and the Frog

By Gina Thompson

This is a classic picture book for younger children that will have everyone jumping, hopping and skipping along, as they start the first of Gina’s gymnastic journeys. A lively, interactive story of poetry and poses to encourage your children to have fun and get active at home!

Hoovering The Roof 1: An EDWG Anthology

Welcome to Hoovering from Dulwich and Brixton to India and Rome, from travelling rats to troubled romance, this is an anthology as diverse as London itself.

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Hoovering The Roof 2: An EDWG Anthology

We’re back with another incendiary mix of poetry and prose. Read of local council corruption, and worldwide internet intrigue. An alternative take on medicine – and a twist in a lab rat’s tale.

Keep Your Heart Pumping: A Practical Guide for Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention

By Dr. Lola Green and Kate Ewing

There isn’t a single pill to be taken to cure or prevent heart disease or stroke. Keep Your Heart Pumping shows how you can combine fitness with all the essential nutrients your body needs to be prevent damaging your heart and arteries.

Nearly But Not Quite: A Biographical Account of The Life of Thomas Alan Hastings

By Thomas Alan Hastings

The story of a young, fatherless pilot who achieved great success both in the military - obtaining an OBE amongst other accolades - and likewise in the diplomatic services and within his family, leaving an inspiring legacy. Thomas Hastings, now ninety three, exemplifies a life well-lived.

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No Feeling Is Final: Inspired by Rilke

By Gry Iverslien Katz

A poignant tale inspired by the poems of Rilke which elegantly interweaves romance and philosophy; the time, the place, and the characters are deftly evoked. An irresistible novella.
– Philippe Garner.

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The Angel and the Apothecary

By Kate Rose

‘The Angel and the Apothecary is a rich, dark and wholly compelling story of pain, passion, healing and hope. It powerfully and wittily evokes a world in flux, as the Enlightenment comes to terms with the wisdom of the ages. I loved it.’ – Emma Darwin, author of The Mathematics of Love

The Imposter

Beth Maren John was born deaf but did not tell anyone until she was 68. She is a life long educator and advocate for the deaf and children with disabilities. Her innovative teaching practices won her the love of her students and the esteem of school administrators.

The bird cage

In this show-stopping memoir, Iris recollects the most challenging time in her life and how she urimatelv chose to fight on. rising like a phoenix from the ashes to become the strong and successful woman she is today.

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