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How Creativity Can Be Inspired By the Seasons

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

There are lots of groups on websites like GoodReads, that are made entirely of writers, authors and blog writers. Some of them have users that talk about topics involving seasonal inspiration. So that got us thinking about how different seasons trigger something within our creative minds so we write some of our best. Let’s explore how the seasons can affect our writing habits, train of thoughts and moods.

Spring is about life

It's not uncommon for a great novel that has a happy ending, to paint a serene scene of spring as it closes out the ark of a character. Why? Spring is all about rejuvenation, new life, thriving, things growing and blossoming. The flowers bloom, the plants sprout, trees regain their leaves and animals come out of their homes and hibernation, to mate. The season of spring could inspire you to write about something new, or perhaps, a new take on something. Maybe a character in your story could have something good happen to them instead of something that challenges them. Maybe, you could be inspired to write a novel set in spring itself? Because spring is so bright and vibrant, being more descriptive is almost too good of an itch not to scratch in your writing.

Summer duality

Summer is one of the best seasons to write about. It's the pinnacle of happiness for some. The sun is bright, the weather is warm enough to wear minimal clothing and you just feel freer than at any other time of year. However, summer is also seen as the calm before the storm. Fall follows summer so the lavish weather is something we are well aware of, not lasting too long. In terms of writing, this could inspire you to write about enjoying the good times, living in the moment and wanting to write a story or a character that embodies summer. Someone who is vibrant, joyful, lives each day how most people only wish they did.

The preparation of fall

Writing stories and characters that fit the fall so well is difficult. The fall is about things slowly dying. We see the bright green leaves on trees, slowly turning a beautiful crimson, yellow, orange or brown. One could be inspired to show the beauty in death, the slow degradation of things we love and nevertheless, enjoying the process of closing a door to a chapter in our lives. Not to mention, we all prepare for the next season in the fall. We know that it will get cold, troubling or hard times are ahead, so we use the fall to prepare for future challenges. This could inspire any writer to tell a story about preparing for the challenges in life, getting a thicker skin, realizing good times are often followed by bad times and accepting the ebbs and flows of life.

The seasons can inspire writers to write their absolute best, if they can see the symbolization of each. Let us know how the seasons inspire you and how your writing changes depending on which season it currently is.

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